Deep cleansing breaths…

Deep breath… focus… it will be okay, it will be okay, it will be okay.

Where do I even start??  My hubby is in NC today.  It is raining today.  Remember my basement woes??  Hasn’t started yet but I’m keeping my eye on it.  Oh, did I mention that two of my kids home sick today?  That the youngest, Beans, is crying that her body hurts… flu???  The oldest, Chickie, is woozy, coughing, and has a sore throat.  Oh, wait, not done yet.  I’m also babysitting TWO 2 year olds this morning.  And they’re boys.  With energy.

So.  I tried calling the kids’ doctor this morning to set up appointments for the girls.  Guess what?  They aren’t a pediatrician so they can’t see the girls.  Sigh.  I called the insurance company to change their PCP.  Guess what?  The kids’ old dr. office doesn’t have any of the same doctors there and I can’t switch their PCP without a doctor’s name.  Called the office and, no surprise, got voicemail.  Finally got through, got a doctor’s name, called the insurance back…. and they couldn’t find that doctor in their records but this gal was able to look up the pediatrician office and just picked a doctor for me.  Whatever.

I think it’s just going to be one of those days…. breathe…. breathe….

** Yes, it’s one of those days…. I wrote this entry an hour ago but when I hit publish I got an error message.  Luckily it saved my entry as a draft.


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