The day after…

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day – or Singles Awareness Day!

We spent morning at basketball games.  Both games were extremely close in points and so much fun to watch.  The Boy’s team lost their game by one point – scored at the buzzer.  Chickie’s team won by two points and the other team almost made a basket at the buzzer.  I love close games; they are so much more exciting to watch and cheer for.  I’ve said it before but I’m so happy with Upwards basketball.  From the coaches, to the refs, to the parents… everyone has been so encouraging and supportive of these kids. 

After the games the kids said they still wanted to play some more so we headed over to the church’s parking lot to play a little basketball of our own.  I challenged the kids to a game of Around the World.  I beat’em but just by a hair!!  I’m either that bad or they’re that good!  Probably a little of both. 

The hubby and I didn’t do anything romantic.  We usually don’t.  This year our gift for each other was an air popper and a jar of popping corn.  Mmmmm!!!  Tonight there’s a dinner at the church that’s a fundraiser for the youth group.  We have tickets to go but this afternoon Beans has come down with a fever.  She’s curled up with her head on my lap.  I think we’ll be taking our dinner in a to-go container. 

So how about you?  How did you spend the big V day?


4 responses to “The day after…

  • Alyssa B-D

    We forgot it was even Valentine’s Day! We’re losers….

    Tell the kids congrats on great games and I hope Beans feels better. 😦

  • kaypanda

    Sorry to hear Beans is feeling bad, I hope she feels better soon. Let me know if I can do anything to help out. McQueen :0) is feeling better, the asthma medicine is working. Can you guess who this is? ;0p

  • littletiger

    Hey sweetie – V-day was a blast for me – quite literally – it started with me getting to shoot a shotgun and then get killed on the streets of Wickenburg – and ended with a romantic dinner at our favorite bistro. In between – we visited both sets of parents – and hopefully mom will be out of the hospital by the end of this week. So that was my v-day – fun – huh???

  • zanne

    let’s see…

    i got up at 5:30 to be at an area church at 7:00. a bunch of churches in our area get together every year to give the community a “gift of love” day–we all pitch in and do work around the community: cleaning up parks and rec areas, re-furbing playgrounds etc–and we start with a bit combined worship gathering. greco led the band (made of up worship leaders from the various churches) and i put together and ran media. then i went home (still recovering from cold and it was cold and a little rainy) but kids went out. ron finally got home from rochester ny about 1:00. i went to band practice at 4:00 got home about 10:30. not a typical v-day here, either!

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