Is it just me or has there been a lack of posting lately?

Yeah, sorry about that.  I don’t really have an excuse.  Unless being really busy counts.  But then again, when am I not busy?!

I have started babysitting a little 2 year old boy that really keeps me on my toes.  The first week was quite the adjustment for both of us.  He had a hard time being left behind in a new place.  Each day got a little better and by Friday he had pretty much stopped having meltdowns.  Of course by Monday we had to start over.  He’s getting more comfortable here which means he’s starting to test the boundaries.  Fun stuff. 

I am having fun watching him.  And the extra income doesn’t hurt 😉  Beans has been trying to figure out how she can stay home from school and play with him.  She gets mad that he’s taking his nap when she gets home from school.  She keeps asking if we can wake him up.  If she’s smart she’ll learn that you always leave sleeping babies alone! 

He enjoys her company but he really has a crush on Chickie.  Come to think of it… all the little boys at church have a crush on her.  They’re always wanting to hug her, asking her to sit by them or asking me where she is if she isn’t with me.  She’s going to be a popular babysitter some day.

Okay, so that’s where I’ve been… And until I can get used to this little boy sucking up all of my energy I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting.

* completely random but something I want to record… The Boy and Chickie are playing Upwards basketball.  This past Saturday Chickie made her first basket during a game.  I have never seen her smile so big!  I am proud that she plays her little heart out and overjoyed that she made a basket.


One response to “Is it just me or has there been a lack of posting lately?

  • littletiger

    Sounds like things are going well for you all – miss you tons and wish I could see Chickie and The Boy playing basketball – you have such awesome kids!

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