Limbo, limbo, lim-bo!

I feel like I’m in this really strange holding pattern.  The hubby is off working in Greensboro so I’m playing single parent.  I’ve also taken on an almost two year old boy during the day.  He and I haven’t settled into a routine yet.  It’s mostly me just trying to keep him entertained or at least distracted enough that he will stop crying because he’s been left with this strange lady all day.  That doesn’t leave time for much else.  And with no hubby… if I don’t do it – it doesn’t get done! 

Today is a little better than yesterday.  I managed to get him down for a nap fairly quickly.  I’m still not sure of his napping habits so I don’t know if I have 15 minutes or 3 hours.  I did get the pile of dishes done and the floor swept.  I’m a little leary of trying to take a shower….

It’s more than just the day-to-day schedule that feels like it’s on hold.  Our overall schedule hasn’t changed…. church, school, basketball, meals, chores…. rinse and repeat.  Something feels like it’s missing though.  Can’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe I’m just ready for spring!


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