First.  You need to go read this blog – AND the comments.  Then come back here and finish reading.

The comments were interesting, yes?  I was amazed at how many people have issues with cotton/cotton balls.  Really?  They make noise?  It just goes to show that we’re all wired differently.

The only think I could think of that really gets to me is filing my nails.  Total heebee geebees! 

So what’s your peeve?  Was there anything in her comments that you found odd or funny?


5 responses to “Peeves?

  • Matty

    I don’t think I have a “thing”… I have an issue with smells… but it’s a normal issue like, I don’t like the smell of rotten eggs… nobody does… that’s the point.

    Some of the people on that other blog are I N S A N E! Wooden spoons, cotton balls, velvet… what is WRONG with you people.

    I am trying to think of something weird that bugs me… i don’t like cockroaches… is that a “thing”?

    When I was a kid, I didn’t like the feeling of mud squishing between my toes, but that doesn’t bother me anymore…

    hmmm… I always thought I was a fairly neurotic person…

    OH WAIT! Alphabetizing things!!! That’s it!!! I cannot put books on a shelf or cds/dvds in a drawer or on a rack if they aren’t alphabetized. I mean, why anyone wouldn’t alphabetize those things is beyond me… I mean, how do you find a cd out of 200+ if they aren’t in some kind of order? Is that weird?


  • zanne

    cotton is certainly one of those for me. yes it makes noise, it squeaks something awful. i am feeling lightheaded just thinking about it. oh oh oh oh oh. give me a minute to recover…

    i know a couple of people for whom dead birds are the worst thing ever. the sight of a dead bird sends them seeking a rubber room.

    corn starch does it for others, i know. squeaks like cotton, sort of.

    oh yeah, stainless steel against my teeth. pretty horrifying.

  • jaime

    ok…the sound that the styrofoam packing makes when it rubs against a cardboard box. not the little peanuts, but the shaped styrofoam. you know the kind that has to keep stuff from bumping around? i have to plug my ears when chris unpacks the box or leave the room. it makes me cringe.

    i was watching dirty jobs the other day and they were sawing styrofoam and i couldn’t handle that either. it made the same sound.

    so i guess i don’t like styrofoam.

  • Rachel

    I’m alot like her, because I can’t stand wooden spoons, cardboard boxes and paper bags.

    I have realized I can stand Pampered Chef’s bamboo spoons. I would never have ordered them, but I won them in a drawing and fell in love. Of course, it took me two weeks to work up the nerve to open the wrapping.

    Really though, I don’t like to touch anything on the inside of my hands. I don’t like to put my hands in dishwater, cookie/bread dough, painted metal, wet washcloths or lotion (shudder, I can’t stand touching lotion or sunscreen).

    I end up washing my hands 20 times a day. I could eat off my hands.

  • littletiger

    I can’t handle touching materials that catch on my fingertips like nylon or satin. My things are more OCD – like I have to close all the closet doors in the house – they can’t be standing open at all – and Steve goes through the house and opens the doors so that he can laugh at me as I walk through and close them all again. I also will often go back and check to see if I’ve locked doors before I leave the house. I guess I’m weird in my own way.

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