Learning how to learn

I recently listened to an interview with Mariaemma Willis.  She is the co-author of this book.  She also runs a homeschooling school in California.  I loved listening to her interview.  She sounds very much like a woman whom I adore.  A lot of what she had to say about how children learn really struck a chord with me.  So much so that I had my hubby listen to the interview and then I bought the book.

Last night our family took the learning assessments.  The results have been interesting.  There is a section of the assessment that asks about what your interests are and the things that you care about.  I was very surprised to learn that The Boy is concerned about cleanliness (personal hygeine and environment) and he wants to make sure that the world has enough [drinking] water.  One of the things he wants to do in his lifetime is to help people make the world safe.  Chickie is very into animals and recycling and at some point wants to meet a scientist.  She also added that she would like to spend an entire summer in Arizona (please!).

The hubby and I also took the assessments.  It wasn’t a shock to discover that I’m a tactile hands-on learner but I was surprised that my hubby is a visual-picture learner.  The next chapters in the book dive into each learning type, disposition and talents.  I am hoping that all of this will help us in teaching our kids and make learning more fun for them.


2 responses to “Learning how to learn

  • Alyssa B-D

    That is really cool! One of my favorite moms back in CA (whose children were in public school) always said she was a home schooler. It was so right — and everyone should be, wherever their children spend their days! If there is one thing I wish everyone learned as children it would be that life is for learning and learning is for life. Way to go “home schooling” your kids! 🙂

  • jaime

    this sounds like an awesome adventure for you and for your family! what a neat book…another one i’m going to have to check out!

    love you!

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