In Case of Emergency

Like a lot of women I collect purses.  I like to have options.  Sometimes I want a big bag or a small one or one that’s colorful.  Sometimes it needs to be classic or funky.  I’m not even sure how many I own.  I keep most of them in my upper closet – except for a red one that’s living in Phoenix (ahem).  I pull them down, load my stuff into them, use them, halfway empty them and then put them back. 

That brings me to my project today.  It was time to clean out all of my purses.  I expected to find the usual garbage of mint wrappers, tissues and mysterious crumbs.  And of course the completely random items like Wii nunchucks, a Zigity game and Catchphrase (all in separate purses).  Then there’s the usual mundane stuff like tampons, lipglosses, hair ties and pens.  What I didn’t expect was to find TWENTY-THREE pens.  If I was cleaning out twenty-three purses that wouldn’t be so surprising but I wasn’t.  I was cleaning out four.  I guess I was just living by the Boyscout motto of “always be prepared”.  One never knows when it will be necesary to perform an emergency tracheostomy with a pen!


One response to “In Case of Emergency

  • littletiger

    I cleaned out one purse and found 12 pens in it along with three tissue packs and 5 lipsticks (which is funny – cuz I don’t really wear lipstick that often). I wonder what would happen if I cleaned out all my purses?

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