The Leak

It’s sunny today. Waa-hoo! The carpet in the basement is just about dry – although it stinks to high heaven right now. Mmm, welcome to my home, it smells like a giant garbage can. Blech.

We have at least two leaks maybe three. One is on the unfinished side of the basement and has been less of a worry since it’s all concrete and there’s a drain. At some point we’ll have to address that issue but since it does minimal damage it’s low on the list. Besides, that leak is because the whole side yard drains towards the house instead of away and that won’t be fun to fix. (as if any of this will be fun)

The big nasty leak is on the finished side of the basement. And by finished I mean that it has carpet and at some point will have drywall. The very first time it leaked it was because the downspout from the rain gutter was dumping all the water right against the house. We extended the downspout and voila – no more leak. At least for awhile. Our basement has an exterior door that opens to a stairwell. That stairwell has a drain. That is no longer working apparently.


The hubby has tried to run a snake to unplug it but it only goes 8-10 inches and stops. So the drain backs up and then leaks under the door into the basement. And when I say under the door I should clarify that our door is a joke. There is a huge hole that I could reach my fingers through. It really just floods in.


Yesterday I would go outside and bail water out of the stairwell until there wasn’t any water left. Within 15-20 minutes it would be full again. And not because it was raining but because the ground is so saturated at this point that it just seeps in from everywhere. As I was bailing I noticed that the surrounding area also slopes to the stairs. (Which if the drain worked wouldn’t be a huge issue) The fix will be a multi-approach…. Get a new door that actually has a seal. Fix the drain. (I think the hubby hopes a jackhammer will be involved) Finally, re-landscape the surrounding area. That’s my ‘finally’ but the hubby also wants to build an overhang over that door. We’ll see.

Today is sunny as is the rest of the week.  I would love to say we’re going to get right on top of this but, unfortunately, that involves money we just don’t have right now.  That’s a whole ‘nother post.  Suffice it to say that the last two paychecks (the first of which was due before Christmas) were royally screwed up – the last check was 1 1/2 weeks late!  Money?? Eh, who needs money?  We’ll just eat paper!

Here’s to hoping that 2009 is just having a rough start… and not a sign of what the year will bring.


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