And we're back

It’s nice to have a lazy break every so often but it’s also nice to get back into the routine again. Looks like it’s going to be a busy routine too.

The kids are back in school today. Basketball practice starts up again this week. The Saturday games start this month too. The mid-week children’s program at church has undergone a huge revamping and is kicking off this week. And my hubby will spend four weeks (between Jan/Feb) in Greensboro.

We’re also getting ready to start up our own small group. I have so been missing that connection point…. (miss you guys!!!) We’ve talked to several families that want to see what a small group is all about. Currently our church considers the 1 hr Sunday School class to be ‘small group’. Um. Not so much. It’s kind of hard to cram 3 hours of talking, praying, eating, laughing, studying and connecting into 1 hour – especially that early in the morning!!

How about you… what are your early 2009 plans?


2 responses to “And we're back

  • littletiger

    Miss you tons sweetie!!!! Our plans for the new year – finish the adoption paperwork first and foremost and work on the house. Tho our plans this week are for me to stay with my mom at the hospital overnight a couple of nights and then go with Steve to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday!!!! Have a great week and give my love to hubby and the kids!

  • Alyssa B-D

    Lucky new small group for Kung Fu Chicken! Jealous old small group, though…. 😦

    We miss you so much. I think we need to do a “show off the baby tour” of the US (and possibly the world) and go see you guys. Maybe if we can get debt-free in the next six months…. πŸ˜‰

    I’ll pray for the transitions — I know those can be a little difficult in established churches.


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