The Gift of Gab

Women no longer hold the top position for the gift of gab…. no, it now belongs to 7 year old boys.  They rank at the top of the list.  Or at least mine does.

I never thought my once shy boy would turn out to be such a talker.  Now in all fairness he doesn’t just ramble on about nothing unprompted.  You have to ask him a simple yes or no question.  Then sit back and enjoy the story.  Hopefully you have time to listen to a 20 minute monologue and even after that you may not have your yes or no.

Sometimes I have to stop him and tell him, “Just tell me YES or NO.”  But if I have the time (and the patience) I will let him tell me his long, drawn out answer.  I never know when he’s going to launch into one or I would have a camcorder ready. 

I will attempt to give you an idea of what happens.  I can’t think of an actual situation so I’ll have to adlib but I promise it will be close to the real thing.

“Hey Boy, did you bring home your backpack?”

“Well, I had lunch with Mark today.  He had spaghetti but not like the kind that we have.  Then when we went to recess I forgot my lunchbag so I had to go back and get it because Mrs. M said that’s what we’re supposed to do.  But she wasn’t here today.  We had a sub.  It was Mrs. R again.”

“So…. your backpack?”

“Oh, yeah.  It’s in the closet.”

Sometimes his stories wrap back around and he’ll eventually answer your question but I think that frequently he gets distracted by his own chatter and ends up on another planet.  He’s quite the entertainer.


One response to “The Gift of Gab

  • Alyssa

    I LOVE IT! The story is awesome.
    “You’re gonna miss this.
    You’re gonna want this back.
    You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.
    These are some good times,
    so take a good look around.
    You may not know it now,
    But you’re gonna miss this.”

    I love that song. 🙂

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