Done. I am done.

I love my dogs.  I do.  I love how goofy they are, how fun they can be.  Their big floppy faces and puppy dog eyes… 

But seriously.  I am done with them right now.

They get lots of attention.  They have plenty of bones and chew toys.  The kids play with them in the yard.  And yet they continue to find things to chew on and destroy things that they KNOW THEY AREN’T SUPPOSED TO.

Oh everyone expects puppies to chew up a few things but this is getting beyond ridiculous.  More than a pair of shoes have been destroyed and countless stuffed animals.  I can deal with that.  My wall??  Oh yes, more than once.  My floor??  Oh yes, they apparently can chew a hole in the middle of linoleum although I have no idea how they do it.  Oh, and more than once.  Two dog beds.  My COUCH.  And just now…. winter jackets belonging to The Boy and Beans.  The only jackets they own. 

My budget cannot keep up with their destructive behavior.  I understand now why some families have to part with their pets.  If we don’t find a solution soon I might move beyond tempted to “FREE DOGS TO LOVING HOME”.  Wherefore art thou Cesar Millan?


5 responses to “Done. I am done.

  • Rachel

    Oh no.
    It’s so frustrating when you love a dog (or two in your case) who has destructive tendancies.

    When I was in high school the police gave us a dog named “Gobbles”. Seriously, that should have been an indication to us.

    Gobbles ate through the bathroom wall, through a water pipe and flooded our house three inches.

    We eventually gave him back to the police.

  • zanne

    good heavens! i am so sorry!

    jake will chew if left alone, especially if he hasn’t had enough walks… but so far he hasn’t chewed coats, just shoes and socks. however, when i was telling maggie the story this morning (we had just bought her a new coat last night at mervyn’s “last eight days in business!” sale) ron walked by and gasped–WHAT happened to the kids’ coats??

    i confess he was quite relieved…

    want me to run to mervyn’s for you??

  • kungfuchicken

    I did manage to get two winter coats for $7.00!!! Lucky for the dogs because I think Max would make a beautiful coat! I just keep telling myself “this too shall pass….”

  • littletiger

    You have to read the book Marley and Me – you will appreciate your dogs so much more!!! Believe me – I’m reading to my class and we have been laughing at the “world’s worst dog”. Made me appreciate my hound big time!

  • Alyssa

    Oh, I’m so sorry! That stinks. 😦

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