Naughty or Nice

When my brother was here we dragged him over to Hotel Roanoke to be our photographer.  Our plan was to capture a nice picture for our Christmas card. 

Every year the hotel is full of Christmas trees that various local business have decorated in order to raise money for charity.  There are trees with hairdryer and curling irons from a beauty shop, trees with fishing lures and camo from a outdoor supply store, plenty with old fashioned ornaments and bulbs…. One of my least favorite trees ended up being my favorite picture though…



Our daughter, Chickie (notice the chickie on her shirt ;), randomly started to pout – which quickly turned into tears.  And by the time we got home she was all smiles again.  We never did figure out what set her off.  I threatend to send this as our Christmas card which really didn’t help matters.  Maybe I’ll just send it to Santa….


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