If I were an animal I would be a sloth

I’m a bit of a loner – I don’t need crowds. In fact, crowds are overwhelming. I prefer small groups of people. I like things to be slow and steady. Laid back. I don’t like rushing from activity to activity. I’m not one of those moms that schedules my kids in every sport. It’s not that I don’t want them to experience different activities but I would lose my sanity and it would be hard for them to drive themselves around town with me in a straight jacket.

(*This is not to say that I don’t like to get crazy and goofy. I just prefer to do that in small groups and only once or twice a month.)

I have met my quota and it’s only the first of December.  I am afraid I am about to implode.  Please send my regards.

We have had company since Thanksgiving and they will be here until Wednesday.  That’s fine.  But add that on top of a schedule that is getting increasingly busier for the next 10 days…. and that leaves me overwhelmed.  I’m praying for some pockets of air in the coming days.  I know that I’m an introvert, that I need time alone in order to function in the times that I am not alone.  But it is still a very weird concept to me.  It’s hard for me to understand that while I love my kids, my husband, my friends…. that it gets to the point that I don’t even want to be touched because I am so overwhelmed with people and touch is just one more invasion, one more reminder that I am not alone….  It’s hard for me to understand and harder still to explain to my kids.  I am beyond grateful that somehow, some way, my husband gets it.  He fills in the parenting gap to allow me some space.  He doesn’t take it personally when I tell him to please go away – don’t touch.  He knows that he’s speaking my love language.  He’s wonderful.

I didn’t mean for this post to get heavy.  I just had to let it out before my world implodes.  Or my head explodes.  Whichever comes first.


4 responses to “If I were an animal I would be a sloth

  • zanne

    oh yes. i get that. sometimes during a big event i’ll ‘disappear’ for 20-30 mins, just to breathe. to me it feels selfish, sometimes, to want time away from EVERYBODY. but it’s how i’m wired, how God made me, and so i’m learning to work with it…

    you’re in my prayers, that God may create for you pockets of peace and quiet and solitude and air…

  • Alyssa

    Ohhh, that is such a rough feeling. Hugs! Oh wait, no…



  • littletiger

    Miss you sweetie – I don’t tend to have that problem – but I’m married to an introvert – so I get it too. Hope you get those pockets of peace to relax and renew!

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