We have had an awesome weekend celebrating our 10 yr anniv.  My hubby planned the whole thing…(almost).  I can’t even really pinpoint a favorite part either… it was all so great!

Friday afternoon we farmed out all of our kids to friends’ houses for sleepovers.  I swear you could hear crickets chirping in the empty – and very quiet – house.  So peaceful.  Too bad we didn’t stick around.  We kicked off the celebration with dinner at O’Charley’s.  I was daring and tried something new that is now my absolute favorite meal… penne pasta with sundried tomato alfredo sauce, prime rib, mushrooms, bacon (mmmm bacon) and asparagus.  I am excited about leftovers for tomorrow!


After dinner we headed to the bookstore to kill some time.  Picked up a new Stephen King short story collection.  Then headed over to the movie theater to catch Fireproof.  Before I get to that…. have you seen the preview for Marley & Me?  I am still laughing over that dog.  Anyway, back to Fireproof.  I didn’t expect stellar acting – just a good storyline and this movie delivered.  It was probably even better because we were in a small audience of people that talked back to the movie.  There’s a scene in the movie where Kirk Cameron’s character realizes he was disrespecting his mother.  One of the audience members called out “MmmHmmm, that’s right boy, you shore did!”  I guess maybe you had to be there but I spent half the movie just laughing at the audience.

The plan had been to sleep in this morning but unfortunately we didn’t farm out the furry people and they woke us up early.  At least I got to take a long hot shower without anyone coming in to say “I have to go potty Mommy!” *FLUSH*  My hubby said we had plans at 10:00 so we hustled out the door to my mystery appointment.  I ended up here:


I will admit that I started thinking mean thoughts when I found out I was the only one getting a massage.   See, I have some anxiety about new environments – new experiences.  I have never had a massage before and I was not thrilled about doing this unexpectedly.  Silly me.  It was wonderful.  All 60 minutes of it were heavenly.  In fact, I think that I should do this every month.  To get over the anxiety you know. 

After lunch I had my own surprise.  We hopped on over to Star City Tattoo.


Do you get it?  Roman numeral ten for ten years…. a star because I like stars…. My hubby designed this all on his own and I love it!  We ran out of time (and money) but this guy is amazing at shading and the plan is to go back and have him fill in the star on my lower back.  Including my own roman numeral ten.  Can’t wait!

That was our weekend.  It was hard letting my hubby surprise me – even harder still to trust his judgement on what I would enjoy but it was so worth it.  I loved every minute of it!


2 responses to “Celebrating

  • Alyssa

    Oh wow! That is so great!!!! Happy 10 years! Good hubby. 🙂


  • jaime

    Yea!! I’m so glad to hear that you guys had an awesome time…even more glad to hear that he spent all that time planning it out…most glad about the 10 years!!!

    I love you guys and miss you so much! I have seen you guys during those 10 years and I have to say that you guys sure are a testimony to the amazing way that God works things out for HIS good purposes…and the strength of a cord of 3 strands 🙂

    love you!

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