Falling into place

I love it when things just come together… when things fall into place.  You know that God has lined up the pieces and everything clicks into place.  Little things have been changing that makes the big picture easier to see. 

My hubby got a new position at work.  I don’t even know the name of the team he will be on.  It’s some acronym blah blah blah.  All I know is that he will have a set schedule!!  His fluxuating schedule was like those tension headaches that creep up on you and you don’t really realize how tense you are… then as it fades you realize how you were uncomfortable.  We dealt with his schedule, thankfully it was only for a season.

For the first time in a couple of years we have TWO RUNNING VEHICLES (not to mention a 3rd vehicle up on blocks and a 4th vehicle hiding under a carcover).  TWO!  That means we don’t have to constantly line up our schedules.  That means I don’t have to drive him to work and he doesn’t have to bum a ride home.  Or ride his bike.  I don’t have to take him to work at the crack of dawn because I need the car.  My friends no longer have to pick me up for coffee.  Is my excitement coming through??  Let me share some history on our new 2nd car.  When we lived in AZ my hubby was the designated chauffer for my great-aunt.  Any family event required my aunt to be picked up because she is paralyzed.  My hubby took great honor in driving her and he was by far her favorite driver.  Her car is a modified Buick Roadmaster.  Hot car, right?  The passenger side seats have been configured into a chaise lounge to accomodate my aunt.  Awhile back my aunt fell and broke her hip which has since ended her independence.  She is now living in a care home and no longer needs her vehicle.  There have been several very good offers made for the car but she insisted that my hubby gets to have the car.  We had it transported out here and it arrived last week.  My hubby loves to drive it.  In fact, he loves the new nickname his co-workers have given him…. Griswald.  He wants to figure out how to turn the wood paneling into wood paneled flames… oh yeah baby.  We haven’t had time to reconfigure the seats so for now I get to ride around like a queen in the chaise lounge will the kiddos ride in the old-style rear facing back flip-up seat. 

Some of my committees at work have gotten a lot accomplished.  The preschool committee just wrapped up revising the policies & procedures manual as well as completing a mandatory training meeting.  Whew!  We’ve also kicked off some exciting preK events: a thanksgiving tree – which is looking mighty fabulous and a birthday party for Jesus next month.  The children’s committe finally agreed that our Sunday night programming needs to go away.  Not to name any specific program but…. awana’d it to go away for awhile now!  I’m not knocking the program but it was not a good fit for our kids and it was draining our budget.  Starting in January we’re kicking off a New & Improved ThriveLIVE! on Wednesday nights.  I am so excited about what this is going to look like.  I’m attempting to line up new musicians (have any to spare????) to bring some energy.  All good stuff.

The final piece that still kind of linger out there is my application to Radford University.  We’ve been doing this back and forth dance for a while …. here’s my application ….  thank you but can we have your transcripts? …. here’s my transcripts …. thank you but what have you been doing since 1997? …. i got married and had three kids …. and this is where I’m waiting for their next response.  I’m hoping this all gets wrapped up by January so I can start in the spring semester.  That is if I can figure out how to pay for it!

So that’s it.  All these little things that are falling into place to give me an idea of what the bigger picture looks like.  At least for now.


3 responses to “Falling into place

  • littletiger

    Glad to hear that you have things falling into place – I just love it when God does that – he did it for me a couple of weeks ago. Good luck with school – what are you planning on studying?

  • Erika

    Ah, good for you guys. I’m glad you caught some breaks, always a nice thing to hear! And enjoy the queen riding whilst it lasts! 😀

  • Alyssa

    Wow! YAY! What program are you going back for? I didn’t know you were doing that. Jeff’s going back and I’m thinking about going back for my masters. But I’m with you on the how will I pay for it thing….

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