Happy 5 7/365 Birthday!

Happy Birthday Beans! 
I know your birthday was on the 1st.  This letter is late.  Which is a little ironic seeing as how you were obsessive about this birthday.  It started all the way back in February asking if it was your birthday yet.  You’re the last one in our family to have your birthday and it just eats at you that you have to wait and wait and wait. 

When we would ask you what you wanted for your birthday you would reply, “Whatever you want.”  The only thing you were specific about was your cake.  You saw a cake at Sam’s Club that had black frosting, tombstones and orange frosting pumpkins.  That was the cake you wanted.  Even after seeing other girly cakes… it was the Halloween one you wanted.  The cake was huge so we didn’t get that one for you.  Instead I found a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (the other requirement) and bought pumpkin sprinkles for you.  You told me you loved your new cake… even though it wasn’t the one from Sam’s Club. 

This year has been so much fun with you.  Your vocabulary is growing and you’ve added funny new phrases to your daily conversation.  You throw in “Oh My!” at every chance.  “That tree is big.  Oh my!” or “It’s getting dark out.  Oh my!”  … always adding it at the end.  The other phrase you like to use is “Momma mia!”  …sometimes in conjunction with Oh My!  “The bus is coming!  Oh my!  Momma mia!”  …sometimes that’s the only response you’ll give to something – just Momma Mia! 

Very recently you have also started sticking your butt out at family.  You do it all in fun and you usually giggle while pointing your little rear.    If asked to dance you stand and shake your heiny.  I’m hoping that you outgrow this facination by your teen years.

This year has also brought preschool.  Oh how you love school.  I can see how much you’re learning.  Of course you never tell me what you’re doing in class… it’s always “We did the same thing Mom!”  Oh well.  We had your teacher come over to the house for our parent/teacher conference.  I don’t think you said more than 4 words the whole time she was here.  She didn’t have anything negative to say about you – only positive.  That you’re a good listener, you follow directions, you put away your materials (wish you’d do that at home) and that you get along well with your classmates.  You’re following in your siblings footsteps.  I am so proud of you.

You have friends at church that you love to play with.  There are two boys you really enjoy playing with – we’ll call them Thomas and McQueen for their love of those cartoons.  I think you would go to their house every day if I let you.  There’s also a little girl that you like but you never ask to play with her outside of church.  You don’t ask to play with any of your school friends either.  I wonder why that is?

Every night at bedtime you ask me to sing you a song.  For a long time it was ‘Jesus Loves Me’ or ‘You Are My Sunshine’ but lately it’s been kind of random.  You like to lay in your bed listening and before I get to the end of the song you always close your eyes and pretend to sleep.  Sometimes you keep them closed and do fall asleep but usually you’re up and out of bed before too long.  You are such a night owl that bedtime can be a real battle.  After getting up early and have a very active day I’m surprised that you don’t pass out but you’re full of energy.  On nights that you really can’t settle down I’ll sit on your bed and rub your head.  You have never been able to resist that.  You’re eyes start to droop and before long you’ll fall asleep. 

You are such a joy.  I pray that you keep your joyful spirit, that you continue to enjoy school, that we can keep cuddling, that you explore your world with wonder, that you keep your crazy sense of humor and that you stay true to who you are.

I love you!


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