Whee!!! Wii!!!

The hubby and I aren’t big video game fans.  Sure they’re fun but it’s just not our thing.  I had an old Sega Genesis that died and that was the last gaming system I had until my sister gave us her daughters’ old Nintendo 64.  We carted that around from house to house and never bothered to unpack it until we moved here.  The Boy has discovered Mario Cart and became instantly addicted.  He would play it every single day, all day long if we’d let him.

I have been content to let him think that’s the end-all, be-all of gaming.  No PS4000 or whatever number they’re on now.  Even the Wii didn’t entice me much.  I thought the concept was cool but not cool enough to get me to plunk down my bank card – if I were to be lucky enough to actually find a Wii in the store. 


One of my girlfriends here bought one for her family – along with the Mario Cart and Wii fit.  She bragged on it for awhile and finally got me to try it this morning.  O!M!G!  First, I had to make a little mii and then it ran through the whole body fit thing.  Apparently my fitness is something like a 42 year old.  Wow.  I knew I was out of shape but that’s just ridiculus.  Enough about the exersize stuff…. back to the fun.  After all the set up stuff I attempted the balance games.  Heading soccer balls while dodging flying cleats and panda heads was quite the aerobic workout and I don’t think it was supposed to be!  It was so much fun.  It is definitely on my Christmas list… maybe I’ll even let the kids have a turn. 

So if you haven’t already…. go find a friend with a Wii and give it a try.  Watch out for the cleats.


One response to “Whee!!! Wii!!!

  • jaime

    I KNOW!!! So super fun. Eliecia and i were playing with the idea to split one and keep it at our house. they’re over all the time and it would be fun. the boys don’t think it would be that easy, but….we’ll see 🙂

    regardless. they’re FUN!

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