Big Ben Possessed?

Can a truck be possessed?  As in, possessed by a demon?  Ok, maybe not really possessed but certainly messed with…  We have had so many random issues with our Suburban all within the last week.

First, our radiator completely died.  (please keep in mind i am a girl that knows nothing about car stuff so this is my take on the whole thing)  Ok.  So the radiator died.  Luckily we had a lifetime waranty on it and our friend was available to help my hubby with under the truck greasemonkey type stuff. 

After the radiator came the temperature gauge thingy.  Don’t know that ever really got resolved as we still don’t have hot air coming out of the heater.  

Next came the scariest mystery.  While at church in Lynchburg all EIGHT of our lugnuts became loose and the tire was just hanging on there.  Tire was fine on the way there, fine around town…. stop for church and BAM – loose lugnuts. 

Then came the loss of “oompf” while driving and the crazy temperature gauge (again?  still?).  The hubby suspected an airbubble in the radiator/cooling system but quickly discovered that the ‘burb didn’t have any water in it because of a leaking hose.  Simple fix.  Whew.

And finally…. tonight….  My hubby was driving to Lynchburg to pick up my parents from the airport when the ball bearings (the things inside the rotor) BLEW UP – yes… EXPLODED.  He is now sitting in the middle of freaking nowhere Bedford waiting for the tow truck to find him.  My parents weren’t able to get a rental car so they are at a motel until tomorrow morning.

And we’re supposed to be driving to Tennessee this weekened?!  HA.  Hello Budget Rental??

So how does one go about doing an exorcism on a vehicle?!


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