Rip Van Winkle

I think I must have fallen asleep for a bit because I cannot believe this is the end of October already.  I thought September flew by but that was just practice compared to this month.  This month has been the sprint!  I have so much packed into the next two weeks that I’m afraid I’m going to usher in November with a whirlwind. 

My parents are coming in on Tuesday evening to spend a week with us.  They arrive late in the evening – way after the kids’ bedtime.  Wednesday we have our church’s Trunk-or-Treat.  Thursday is my staff retreat.  Friday is Halloween.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday my hubby and I will be in Pigeon Forge, TN on a couples getaway!  I am so very much looking forward to that weekend!  Monday evening I have a church council meeting.  Tuesday my parents leave and I have another church meeting.  And somewhere in all of that is Bean’s 5th birthday.  (FIVE.  She’s turning FIVE folks.) 

Shortly after all of this activity my hubby and I will celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  I can hardly believe…. in some respects I think “10 years?  Already?  Has it been that long?”  and other times I think “We’ve packed a lifetime into these 10 years… it’s been much longer than that!”  I remember on our first anniversary (where we ate at The Compass Room 🙂  that we talked about having a big reception on our 10th.  Kind of a do-over from our lame DJ fiasco at our wedding.  Whatever.  Not bitter.  So I guess the big reception is out unless everyone is coming here to surprise us.  I know that my hubby has something in the works but I have absolutely no idea what it is.  It’s really hard letting him surprise me.  I’m so focused on the next two weeks that I really haven’t thought much as to what I’m going to do for him for our anniversary.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  (just email them… in the off chance he decides to randomly read my blog today) 

Anyone dressing up for Halloween?  What are you going to be?  The only costume we have nailed down is Chickie’s…. a black cat.  I’m on the hunt tomorrow for a duck for Beans and a surprise for The Boy.


One response to “Rip Van Winkle

  • Rachel

    OMGoodness! I was there! I remember the dj fiasco!
    Congratulations on 10 YEARS!!
    Matthew is finally going to be my pirate. I am too. We even bought matching skull rings. *how romantic*
    Veronica will be Torchic, which I made out of a pair of sweats and Paige will be Pichu, we altered from a Picachu costume.
    Of course I will let you know when the pictures go up. 🙂

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