I happened to glance at my stats today and was surprised to learn that I have 200 posts! Well, now it’s 201. Wow. I had no idea that I had written that much.

Some other fun stats:

Most views in one day: 86 on 08/26/08 (seriously???  86??  wow.)
Recent search engine terms that have landed guests on my blog: modern conveniences, 1950’s and me my kids.
Which post has been viewed the most? This one:
How many times? 239!! Again, wow!

I am amazed that anyone comes by to read so these stats are surprising to me.  And then there are those of you that comment – you’re very pretty and you get a gold star!

In other exciting news… my parents are coming to visit at the end of this month.  Actually, they’re not just coming to visit.  They’re also going to babysit for a long weekend so that the hubby and I can go to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Woot, woot!  I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about that.

My brother should also be popping in sometime this fall.  It will be his first trip out here.  Also very excited about that.  He’s been busy building his new custom home out on his land in north, north, north Scottsdale.  He broke ground not too long ago and he already has the basement completed.  (basement – smart boy that one) 

If anyone else should decide they’d like to experience the wonderful fall we’re having feel free to pop on over!  Does anyone know where you can experience fall year-round?  I’ll buy a one-way ticket!  I absolutely love the colored leaves, the crisp mornings and warm afternoons, the decline in mosquitos is great too.  Fall puts a smile on my face.


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