Shake it up

Now that we’ve settled into this routine I don’t know that I like it all that much. Bah.

My hubby and I have been working on parenting on purpose – planning activities and moments to have an impact on our kids. This new schedule has been pretty passive… school, homework, dinner, more homework, bed.

We need to re-evaluate what we want our days and evenings to look like and then make the necessary changes. One of the upcoming changes will be basketball season!! The Boy loves to play basketball and there’s a “league” here called Upwards. It’s hosted in churches and includes prayer and some Biblical teaching in addition to teaching the game and allows for all members of the team to play. Perfect for him. And because we like to live life on the edge… we’re enrolling Chickie in basketball too. We’ll be sure that the pre-game prayer includes that she doesn’t get hit in the face with a ball! Finally, we’ll enroll Beans in the Upwards Cheerleading. So girlie – so her!


One response to “Shake it up

  • littletiger

    You know – I just got into a routine – and now everything’s up in the air again. But the good news is in about 2 weeks – I’ll have a new routine to focus on at least for a couple of months. Good luck with trying the new routines and the new activities – send picture when chickie and the boy play and I want to see Beans in a cheerleading outfit – you’re right – it’s perfect for her!

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