Getting my groove on

I finally feel like we’re settled into our schedule.  The mornings are still waaaay too early but they aren’t as shocking to the system any more.  The afternoon panic attacks where I race to the clock to make sure I haven’t forgotten to meet Beans at the bus have tapered off.  Although the rumblings of big trucks do still cause me to glance at the clock… just in case.

It’s not just the kids’ schedules that have finally settled into a groove.  I find myself busy with work at the beginning of the week, babysitting during the middle of the week and hanging out with friends at the tail end.  Even my hubby’s schedule has become somewhat predictable.  They’ve even managed to give him a couple of Saturdays off a month.

How about you?  Are you settled into your routine?  Of course many of my friends are on the west coast and y’all have been back-to-school much longer than we have.


2 responses to “Getting my groove on

  • Rachel

    It’s true we have been in school since the beginning of August. All the activities seem to start in Sept though, so now the real rush is on. It’s nice for the kids to get used to school before we throw in the activities. It gives them a little buffer time.
    Send the hubby on a business trip and it’s time to sink or swim.

  • zanne

    we’re getting there–we have a routine, i’m just not always sure what it is! but kids (even the college boy!) are back in school, work is settling into fall patterns rather than summer ones, and i’m starting to get a feel for when it is i need to do what. i do still forget things occasionally, such as the fact that maggie’s school has a minimum day EVERY friday–which means she starts an hour late and gets out 35 min early.

    but i think we’re getting our groove(s?) on.


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