And the winner is…

What goes like this:

$$ Cha-ching $$ We got our settlement checks from our car accident!

Wa-hoo!!! Wa-hoo!!!  No translation needed.

<insert happy dance> Let’s do the Snoopy dance 🙂

Rrrrrrrrrr….. <nothing> Heading to the bank to deposit the checks and the car says “Rrrrrrrrrr…..” and nothing happens.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! ….. <nothing> Really?  Let’s try that again…..

#&$*@^#$!! Still no translation needed.

$ Cha-ching $ Let’s send the hubby to the auto parts store on his bike and have him spend a bunch of money on car parts.

Waa-waa 😦  Not happy spending money on the truck.

I would like to add that my hubby was successful in replacing the fuel pump and filter in record time.  And while it was extremely frustrating there were certainly blessing to be found.  I am grateful that we had the money to buy the replacement parts, that my hubby had the day off, that the kids I normally babysit didn’t need me that morning, that not only did I not need to babysit but that their dad was available to help my hubby manuver the gas tank on the ‘burb.  I am grateful my hubby has the skills to do the necesary work and we didn’t have to take it into an expesive repair shop.


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