Interesting change of heart

We had another Vision & Strategy team meeting yesterday.  This was the first one my hubby was able to attend and he was a little uptight as he’d heard how the last one went.  He’s much more the ‘boat rocker’ and I wasn’t sure how everyone would respond to his input on issues.  Silly little me…. why is it so hard for me to remember that God is in charge?!

This week we were discussing worship styles and sermons.  There was an epiphany as we went around the table and shared what we thought was the current worship style.  All of the old-timers (not necesary older people – but people who had been at the church longer) thought the style was Traditional-Blended.  All of the new-comers thought it was Traditional.  I think for the first time there was some understanding on both sides.  The church had changed their style in a way that made the people think they had really made a big change – enough to be called ‘Blended’ while the new-comers (who have experienced a true contemporary style) still sees the church as ‘Traditional’.  What was a huge change for some was a drop in the bucket for others.  It allowed us newbies to see that the church was indeed trying and that change was very difficult for them.  And the old-timers could see that they have a lot more work to do and that different worship styles are okay.

One of the older men asked my hubby about our experience with contemporary church – what was so different.  He mentioned several things but the most important being that visitors need to feel welcome.  A big hinderance to that is a church full of suits and ties.  He was careful to point out that people need to dress how they feel comfortable and for some that will mean suits but for others it will be jeans and maybe even shorts.  But if we have a blend of styles (music and dress) that more people would feel comfortable.  It was amazing to see that people that were staunch supports of suits/ties last week were able to see his point and agree that perhaps we should try a casual Sunday – even let the Pastor lose the tie!

I am so proud of my hubby for standing up for what he believed and doing it with grace.  I am grateful to God for softening hearts and giving a vision and a desire to this team.  I was excited at the concept of this team but quickly became frustrated when it appeared the team wasn’t open to much change.  How easy it is to forget the power of God.  And what an encouragement to my own faith, yet again, to see Him at work.


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