I'll just go naked

Thanks everyone for the interesting feedback.  Lots of good thoughts and discussion.

I think that ultimately it comes down to the fact that it’s between me and God.  He has called me to serve His people at this church.  While I would love to wear jeans on a Sunday morning I realize that this isn’t about me.  Am I willing to serve where He sends me?  Even if that means I can’t wear jeans?  Even if I have to sell all my stuff?  Get a passport?  Leave my family?  Risk my life?


2 responses to “I'll just go naked

  • Alyssa

    Good point.

    I remember working at a Church of Christ school and only being allowed to wear dresses. I had the same philosophy — if God called me to start a revolution I would, but I wasn’t feeling that was why I was there.

    I also wasn’t allowed to pray at any school functions. Had to ask a man to do that. But believe it or not I did not complain. Same thing — God didn’t put me there to change everybody.

    The obvious caveat is if God IS calling you to change things. Such a personal decision….

  • Alyssa

    (BTW I think I only owned 2 dresses at the time! It was a challenge….)

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