Where's my minivan?

It’s official.  I’m a PTA mom – in fact – I’m on the PTA board.  You can just call me Ms. VP.  Don’t worry, I won’t make you bow or anything.  Just hum my theme song for me any time that I enter the room, thanks. 

I have been wanting to get involved at the school so when the principal approached me a couple of weeks ago about stepping up to the PTA board I was pretty excited.  Turns out that over half of the previous board all left the school (their children were transferred to another program – it wasn’t anything like they were chased out with pitchforks or anything.  at least that’s what i’ve been told.).  I’m glad I won’t be the only newbie but it will be interesting to see how all of us come together to do something that none of us has ever done before.

This morning I met with the President.  (oooh, that was fun to say, even if it was only the PTA president) And with the Treasurer.  (totally did not have her pockets lined with money.  what’s up with that?)  And with the teacher representative.  The only person missing was the Secretary.  It’s quite the hodge podge of people.  Goes to show that you can’t judge the book by the cover…. I had always pictured the PTA to be full of June Cleavers with their pearl necklaces and perfectly ironed dresses.  Ok, maybe not really, but still… I figured them to be more like Super Mom or something.  Instead, I found myself surround by every day moms.  The president was very ethusiastic and excited about the coming year and had some really great ideas.  I am looking forward to joining the ranks and learning from these other moms and the opportunities I’ll have to serve my community.


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