Let me tell you a little secret

I play favorites.  (not with my own kids, that wouldn’t be fair)  There are two little boys at my church that are brothers.  The older one is the same age as my Beans but intellectually he’s lightyears ahead of her.  The younger one is turning two next month.  (and he’s my favorite.)  He still has all of his baby fat, soft blond hair and that baby babble that’s half words, half sounds. 

When I first met him he was very shy and would cry around strangers.  Today he greets me with a loud “Momma!!!” and a hug.  Side note:  yes, he calls me Momma and he calls my hubby Dadda.  Besides his parents we are the only people he calls that.  We don’t know why and luckily his parents don’t mind – they like that he’s attached to us 🙂  I don’t mind… he’s my “baby fix”.

I got to spend the whole morning with just him today.  His mother had physical therapy and his brother is in school with Beans.  My goal was to wear him out so his mom would have an easy afternoon with him.  I forgot just how much energy toddler boys have.  They have a lot.  Way more than my little boy ever had… then again he’s surrounded by girls… 

Don’t get me wrong, I adore his big brother but it was nice to just have little J today.  His personality was able to shine without his brother’s shadow.  He loves to sing and we sang every kid song I know and I taught him a few new ones.  We played airplane – flying him high above me on my feet.  Until the drool started.  We chased and tackled and wrestled and tickled and hid and ran and screamed.  I think it worked too.  I saw a couple of yawns before I left.

I get two more mornings with him this week and three more next week.  I’m looking forward to filling up my heart with his little baby love.  I just hope I can keep up with that energy!


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