I love that the kids are back in school.  I felt almost naked today without having to haul three kids all over the city.  In fact, I caught myself a couple of times today thinking I was missing something.  I’m not complaining.  I’m sure I can overcome this – even if it means becoming Lady Godiva!

Being honest though means I have to admit that I have been rather grumpy lately.  The early, early mornings coupled with a new schedule and perhaps a bit of pre-PMS = a nasty case of the grumpies.  There’s also work stuff going on plus my hubby’s erratic schedule to deal with.  And a leaky basement and leaking roof and forecasted rain for Friday.  The aforementioned leaks accompanied by yucky mildew smells. 

Yeah, I was serious about that “Dude.” up there.  I need a girls’ night.  Not much of a hen party with only one chicken.


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