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Getting my groove on

I finally feel like we’re settled into our schedule.  The mornings are still waaaay too early but they aren’t as shocking to the system any more.  The afternoon panic attacks where I race to the clock to make sure I haven’t forgotten to meet Beans at the bus have tapered off.  Although the rumblings of big trucks do still cause me to glance at the clock… just in case.

It’s not just the kids’ schedules that have finally settled into a groove.  I find myself busy with work at the beginning of the week, babysitting during the middle of the week and hanging out with friends at the tail end.  Even my hubby’s schedule has become somewhat predictable.  They’ve even managed to give him a couple of Saturdays off a month.

How about you?  Are you settled into your routine?  Of course many of my friends are on the west coast and y’all have been back-to-school much longer than we have.


When no other word will do

I couldn’t help it….  I laughed…. 

Chickie:  I missed the damn bus!

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And the winner is…

What goes like this:

$$ Cha-ching $$ We got our settlement checks from our car accident!

Wa-hoo!!! Wa-hoo!!!  No translation needed.

<insert happy dance> Let’s do the Snoopy dance 🙂

Rrrrrrrrrr….. <nothing> Heading to the bank to deposit the checks and the car says “Rrrrrrrrrr…..” and nothing happens.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! ….. <nothing> Really?  Let’s try that again…..

#&$*@^#$!! Still no translation needed.

$ Cha-ching $ Let’s send the hubby to the auto parts store on his bike and have him spend a bunch of money on car parts.

Waa-waa 😦  Not happy spending money on the truck.

I would like to add that my hubby was successful in replacing the fuel pump and filter in record time.  And while it was extremely frustrating there were certainly blessing to be found.  I am grateful that we had the money to buy the replacement parts, that my hubby had the day off, that the kids I normally babysit didn’t need me that morning, that not only did I not need to babysit but that their dad was available to help my hubby manuver the gas tank on the ‘burb.  I am grateful my hubby has the skills to do the necesary work and we didn’t have to take it into an expesive repair shop.

Riddle me this….

What goes like this:

$$ Cha-ching $$


<insert happy dance>

Rrrrrrrrrr….. <nothing>

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! ….. <nothing>


$ Cha-ching $

Waa-waa 😦

Interesting change of heart

We had another Vision & Strategy team meeting yesterday.  This was the first one my hubby was able to attend and he was a little uptight as he’d heard how the last one went.  He’s much more the ‘boat rocker’ and I wasn’t sure how everyone would respond to his input on issues.  Silly little me…. why is it so hard for me to remember that God is in charge?!

This week we were discussing worship styles and sermons.  There was an epiphany as we went around the table and shared what we thought was the current worship style.  All of the old-timers (not necesary older people – but people who had been at the church longer) thought the style was Traditional-Blended.  All of the new-comers thought it was Traditional.  I think for the first time there was some understanding on both sides.  The church had changed their style in a way that made the people think they had really made a big change – enough to be called ‘Blended’ while the new-comers (who have experienced a true contemporary style) still sees the church as ‘Traditional’.  What was a huge change for some was a drop in the bucket for others.  It allowed us newbies to see that the church was indeed trying and that change was very difficult for them.  And the old-timers could see that they have a lot more work to do and that different worship styles are okay.

One of the older men asked my hubby about our experience with contemporary church – what was so different.  He mentioned several things but the most important being that visitors need to feel welcome.  A big hinderance to that is a church full of suits and ties.  He was careful to point out that people need to dress how they feel comfortable and for some that will mean suits but for others it will be jeans and maybe even shorts.  But if we have a blend of styles (music and dress) that more people would feel comfortable.  It was amazing to see that people that were staunch supports of suits/ties last week were able to see his point and agree that perhaps we should try a casual Sunday – even let the Pastor lose the tie!

I am so proud of my hubby for standing up for what he believed and doing it with grace.  I am grateful to God for softening hearts and giving a vision and a desire to this team.  I was excited at the concept of this team but quickly became frustrated when it appeared the team wasn’t open to much change.  How easy it is to forget the power of God.  And what an encouragement to my own faith, yet again, to see Him at work.

He cracks me up

Many of you remember my son when he was painfully shy.  He had a horrible stutter which I believe contributed to his shy personality.  Even after the stutter stopped he remained quiet and refused to speak to anyone other than close family and friends. 

Sometime during his 5th year he asked if he could please have a mohawk.  An odd request from a child who hated the lime-light.  It was summer, he wasn’t in school… why not?  While he did get used to all of the attention he still remained pretty quiet.

Since that time he has come out of his shell quite a bit.  His little personality is growing and exploring and changing.  Awhile back he asked about getting his ear pierced.  After agreeing to pay for it with his own money we let him do it.  I think it’s just one more little thing that makes him who he is. 

Last night over dinner he asked me, “How old do I have to be to pierce this?”  Before your imagination gets too carried away let me tell you he was pointing to the cartilage on the upper part of his ear.  He was more than a little disappointed when I said he had to be 18.  “But that’s a really long time!”  His next question was if he could please be bald.  We compromised and he’s getting another “Chris” cut (buzzed very short). 

I love that he’s confident in himself and that he wants to explore and express himself in different ways.   As long as his requests aren’t too permanent or too extreme I’m willing to let him.  At times that means letting him make some choices that may have a negative reaction.  His mohawk and ear piercing didn’t go over too well with all of my family.  But he learned to stand up for himself.  His painted fingernails were a source of some good giggles at church.  And he learned he wasn’t going to do that again any time soon.  I try to give him as much freedom as possible while balancing that with protecting him from public opinion.  Hopefully he won’t look back and say “Moooom!  I can’t believe you let me …. ” but rather, “Mom, thanks for letting me be who I am.”

I'll just go naked

Thanks everyone for the interesting feedback.  Lots of good thoughts and discussion.

I think that ultimately it comes down to the fact that it’s between me and God.  He has called me to serve His people at this church.  While I would love to wear jeans on a Sunday morning I realize that this isn’t about me.  Am I willing to serve where He sends me?  Even if that means I can’t wear jeans?  Even if I have to sell all my stuff?  Get a passport?  Leave my family?  Risk my life?