The Result…

Sorry for lack of posting lately.  My usual herd of 3 children has grown to 5 recently and it’s been a little hectic.  We’ve made friends with another couple at our church that, like us, don’t have any family in the vicinity.  Their oldest child is the same age as our youngest and they have one more that’s 18 months old.  Regardless of the age span they all get along great.  We swap babysitting and help each other out with appointments and errands.  Recently my friend has had a turn for the worse with her two herniated discs and is now confined to the couch.  Her hubby is a local truck driver that works 10-12 hour days.  I adore her boys and have happily added them to my brood.  I’m not sure if I’m going to give them back or not.  Maybe if they get cranky.

So back on the topic.  We have finally figured out a game plan for the messy bedroom.  It’s going to be rolled out in stages.  The first step has been completed and it was very similar to this:

The second step should roll out the end of August.  We’re moving our master bedroom to the basement.  My hubby will be doing some construction and renovating while the kids and I are in Phoenix.  Once our bedroom is moved then we’ll swap the kids’ rooms around.  The Boy – whom has inherited my OCD – will get the current master bedroom.  Beans will stay in her (very) pink bedroom.  Chickie will move into the smaller (by 1 sq ft) bedroom. 

Once all the room swapping is completed we’ll move onto the third step: giving her the proper tools and training for keeping her room clean.  We’ll decorate her room together so she’ll have some ownership and pride.  Then we’ll add necesary dressers, shelves and organizers. 

I think that between the excitement of having her own room, the training (including the 27 fling boogie, thanks Dan!) and the fact that she’s the only one making a mess/cleaning it up that she’ll have success in keeping it on the clean-ish side.


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