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Right to the point

A Prayer from Beans:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the food.  Thank you for church that we don’t be lonely.


33 Goals

I’m not a big goal setter.  I have vague ideas of what I’d like to accomplish and then I just go for it.  This year I’ve decided to set 33 goals that I would like to accomplish by this time next year.  Turns out it’s not easy for a non-goal-setter to pick 33 goals.  I have a couple of goals and some other vague ideas and then I just sort of run out of ideas.  So I’m turning to y’all… any ideas of fun or serious or all-out-wacky goals that I should shoot for?  I’m thinking of things like habits to break or good habits to start, activities to try, things to see or do, something new to start…

Does it really count as an improvement?

The trip home only took 18 1/2 hours!

A pictoral update from Phoenix

This week long trip has been a whirlwind of fun!  It has been so great spending time with my family and visiting with friends.  I have (literally) hundreds of pictures from all of the things we’ve been doing.  I’ll share a few of my favorites.

In one piece…

TWENTY-ONE hours.  From the time we woke up on Monday morning until we finally crashed into bed.  All three kids did manage some short naps on the planes or in the airports but they were still pretty tired and cranky by the time we arrived.  Turns out that Chickie was right…. we shouldn’t have travelled on Monday…. Tuesday would’ve been better!

We’re here.  We’re alive.  We’re sunburned already!

No sleep for those stuck at the airport…

We woke up at 4:30, arrived at the airport at 5:30, boarded the plane at 6:30, de-boarded the plane AT THE SAME AIRPORT at 7:30, stood in line for 90 minutes to find that our flight had been cancelled.  We got rebooked on a flight leaving at 2:15 for Atlanta (w/a three hour layover) where we were put on stand-by for the flight to Phx arriving at 7:51pm.  So much for having most of today to enjoy the pool!

It’s now 2:21pm and we’re sitting at the gate where the just announced there is a rogue aircraft in our airspace so our flight has been delayed at least an hour.   Thank goodness for our three hour layover!

Looks like Chickie might be right…. maybe we aren’t supposed to fly today.

No sleep for the excited…

The kids found out yesterday about our trip to Phoenix.  I’m not sure that my eardrums have completely recovered.  We were on a video chat with my parents when my mother asked the kids to come to Phoenix next week for her birthday.  After I agreed that they could go and we would leave on Monday they proceeded to scream so loudly that they blew the speakers on my computer.  Ok, not really, but almost!

Our flight leaves at 6:35 a.m.  I’m thinking about just sleeping in the parking lot of the airport.  Luckily the airport is 10 minutes away – if we hit a red light.  I plan on sleeping until the last possible moment, grabbing the bags and racing to the airport.  We have a short layover in Cincinnati and we’ll hit Phoenix by 10:00 a.m.  There’s no food being served on either flight so I have goodies stashed in my carry-on.  Along with movies, gum, paper, pens, books, magazines and a laptop.  The kids are usually good travellers and hopefully tomorrow won’t be an exception. 

The only shadow of a cloud hanging over this trip is that inexplicably Chickie came to me and said, “I don’t think we’re supposed to go tomorrow.”  What??  “I don’t know.  Something just makes me feel like we aren’t supposed to go tomorrow.”  When are we supposed to go?  “I don’t know.  Maybe the day after.  But not tomorrow.”  And then she started crying.  Very, very odd.  I’m not superstitious, I’m not afraid of black cats, broken mirrors or walking under ladders.  But I have to admit that this creeps me out a little.  Extra prayers people!!

See you soon!