How about some "catch-up" with those fries?

I (mistakenly) thought that things were supposed to slow down during the summer.  You know… the “lazy dog days of summer”… Ha.  Yeah right.  We have been so busy and I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like.  (although I do still have all those great posts floating around in my head)

So what have we been doing?  Let’s see.  Our friends from Phoenix stopped in for a few days around the beginning of July.  The kids and I took a long weekend trip to Ridgecrest, NC for a conference.  Our basement flooded.  Again.  Max was neutered.  Beans was accepted into preschool.  She also failed her eye exam.  The Boy lost two teeth in a bouncer.  On accident.  Lots of blood.  Our friends from Phoenix stopped in again on their way down to Florida.  Took a day trip to Lynchburg to check out Amazement Square once again.  It’s still amazing.  Chickie ripped out a tooth.  On purpose.  Lots of blood.  The Boy was baptized this morning in church. 

It appears I may have a very short breather before things get crazy again.  There’s plenty of preparation to do for fall between school and church.  August was already shaping up to be a busy month and now the kids and I are skipping out for 9 days.  We’ll be donning our UVA/UVB reflective protection suits and braving the “dry heat” in Phoenix.  Seriously… what was I thinking… Phoenix in August… !!!  I must be insane.  Or really missing my friends and family!

Probably a little of both.


3 responses to “How about some "catch-up" with those fries?

  • littletiger

    YIPPEE!!!! You’re coming to Phoenix!!! We’ve missed you all so much – but yes – you are crazy for coming to Phoenix in August!

  • mandie

    cant wait to see you guys.. Logan is so excited to see Sam!!!

  • Matty

    Hey Girl,

    Well, your post to Chickie didn’t disappoint… you really do rock!

    I’m glad you have been keeping busy, it makes time go faster… oh, is that not a good thing? Nevermind… 🙂 LOL

    After a bit of a hiatus, my blog is back up… check me out at the new site,

    oh, and if you decide you still want to set up your own self-hosted wordpress at, i’m kind of an expert, now 🙂


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