Happy, happy 9th

Dear Chickie,

Today you turned 9 years old.  This year for your birthday you invited E over for a slumber party.  You agonized over which type of lasagna to pick – with or without meat.  You chose meat.  After dinner the Crenshaw family came over and all of the kids decorated their own cupcakes.  Your cupcake had so many sprinkles on it I think that every bite crunched!  You also had a very hard time picking a movie but you finally settled on Racing Stripes.  Somewhere around 11pm you and E finally settled down enough to fall asleep.

That’s how a lot of this past year has been.  A lot of agonizing over choices.  You’ve become aware of your peers and what they wear, what they eat, how they do their hair and what they think is popular.  I can see that struggle in you to be yourself but to also fit in.  And that’s okay.  My prayer for you is that you will listen to that beat – that rhythm – inside of you.  Shine!  Be you.

It’s been a year of bravery.  We picked you up and moved you across the country and you’ve held up tremendously well.  Not just held up but you’re growing.  There are new friends in your circle but you’ve hung onto your old ones as well.  You found that you had to work hard in school to catch up.  School used to be easy and you could coast through.  Not any more.  Now you have to work at it and when you do it pays off.  You’re very intelligent.  Science and math are your favorite subjects.  I’m curious to see where your intelligence takes you.  What will you do when you grow up?

You’ve decided that you want to be an illustrator.  You like to draw.  There’s a constant pile of papers and pencils on the kitchen table that attest to that!  The library had a workshop with a children’s book illustrator and you enjoyed that class.  You came home and got right to work drawing and practicing what you’d learned.  Maybe someday you’ll illustrate one of my books.

You have new glasses this summer.  You haven’t had to wear glasses since your eye surgery when you were 4 (I think you were 4, ask your dad)  You started complaining that your eyes were fuzzy and although your doctor said you were fine we still took you to the eye doctor.  We learned that you have a hard time switching your focus between close-up and far-away.  We also learned that you don’t have much depth perception.  Because it’s summer you don’t wear your glasses very often – only when the mood strikes you.

Some of your favorite things: purple, leopards, lasagna, spagetti, pizza, watching t.v., playing outside, Animal Planet, jumping on the trampoline, stuffed giraffe, P.E., Junie B. Jones, winter, coloring, playing with the dogs, and spending time with your family.

I hope and pray that this coming year brings you growth, laughter and lots of love!


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