I've got this crick in my neck…

Did I mention that my son falls asleep in the most awkward positions?  Sometimes he just picks weird spots to fall asleep – the floor, under his bed etc… but usually he’s on his bed in some strange position.  I don’t understand how he can fall asleep like he does. 

Those of you with sons will understand that there’s just some sort of connection between boys and dogs.  Maybe because they both like to get dirty and eat gross things… I don’t know.  But there’s something there.  Our dog Max loves The Boy and he, in return, loves Max.  The Boy has recently re-arranged his bedroom and put his bench next to his captain’s bed which allows Max to climb up onto his bed.  The other night The Boy fell asleep in one of his random position and Max decided he should try it out too.  Unfortunately he moved back up on the bed more before I could get the picture.  This one is pretty close though.


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