Out of town. With kids.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning and I’m taking the kids with me. 

We’re heading off to Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, NC for a Sunday School conference.  I’m having a hard time focusing on the positive and not on the negative.  We’ll be gone four days and my hubby has three of those days off.  Sucks.  I am going to be a “single parent” for four days.  Sucks.  The kids will be in a new environment for four days.  Possibly sucks.  I’m the only parent and the only female going.  Sucks.  We’re carpooling and the kids will have to behave for four hours in a compact car.  Possibly sucks.  I am going to be in a new environment.  Sucks.  I am going to attend classes on my own.  Sucks.  I am shy.  Sucks.

Getting the picture?

But I am trying to not focus on those things.  Instead I’m trying to see the positive.  I’ll get to spend some time with my kiddos.  Yea!  My hubby will get some guy time.  Yea!  The kids will experience making new friends and learning about God.  Yea!  I’ll get to know our Minister of Education better.  Yea!  I’ll be learning new tips and ideas.  Yea!  I get to meet new people.  Yea??  The kids and I get to eat for free.  Yea!!  We get to be in the mountains.  Yea!  We get to see Asheville.  Yea!  I’ll grow in my faith.  Yea!

So be praying.

Oh, and there’s wireless, too!  Yea!!


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