Here and gone

We had a blast visiting with Eliecia, Sara, Morgan, Maddy and McKenna!  The kids picked up right where they left off in Phoenix.  No one was shy or hesitant.  In fact, my kids were giving her kids a tour of the house before the adults even made it in the front door. 

It was nice to be able to talk with someone who knows me.  There was none of the “back in Phx….” or “at our old church…” but more “our friends here….” or “at our church…”  It opened my eyes to see that my year of mourning our Phoenix life is wrapping up and our year of planting roots here has begun.  It’s bittersweet to be on that cusp.

It was fun to sit side-by-side at the kitchen table with our laptops and compare MySpace notes.  Or to get whomped playing Tri-Ominoes.  I whomped her back at Rummikub.  I got a great baby fix loving on McKenna.  There was a lot of laughter watching the kids interact and entertain each other.  The fireworks were brilliant and probably the easiest venue I’ve ever been to.  I was bummed they didn’t get to experience our church but I can’t blame them for heading out early for their 10 hour drive!  At least Eliecia was able to come tour our building.  AND!  I was able to (finally!) get a picture of her and Gary for my friends picture frame to fill in the blank hole!

Neither one of us likes goodbyes and so it was “see you later” and lots of waves that sent them on their way.  That was how we parted in Phoenix and she is the first of our friends to venture out here to make good on the “see you later” bit.  So I know I will be seeing her again later.  About 2 weeks later.  They will be passing back through VA on their way to Florida and there’s already strong rumors of another stop here.  Woot, woot!!


3 responses to “Here and gone

  • Michele

    Aw, I really related to that bittersweet feeling of letting go of what used to be home and planting new roots in your new home. It took me a lot longer than a year to let go of our old neighborhood and after I finally stopped missing home I started missing missing home. Heh.
    Glad you had a good visit!

  • Rachel

    I have always had to experience that transition year, when all I wanted to do is move back, before I have really enjoyed my new home.
    Has it been a year already? It’s been a lot easier since we’ve been able to stay in touch. It’s not like when we were growing up. The letters always stopped way before the transition year was up.

  • Alyssa

    Really. Wish. We could come visit.

    In all likelihood it’ll be a with a baby! And maybe even debt-free! We’ll be neighbors when Jeff and I move to Asheville…. 🙂

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