One of the nice perks about living within the city limits is that residents can qualify for free preschool.  There’s an application process and an evaluation.  The evaluations are scored and after the enrollment period ends they rank all the children and start filling spots until they’re full.  After that point the children who didn’t make it in are put on a waiting list. 

We filled out Beans application the day we received it.  Within a week she was in to have her evaluation done.  They had me wait out in the hallway so I wasn’t able to watch.  I know that some of the testing was physical – standing on one foot etc… and some of the testing was mental – ABC’s, her full name etc… I’ve always let her progress at her own pace and I know that there’s a lot of things she doesn’t know yet that she will need to learn for Kindergarten. 

Last week we received a letter from the school informing us that she has been accepted into the preschool program!  She will attend The Boy’s school 5 days a week for a full day – I believe it’s 1 hour shorter than his day.  That means this fall all three of my kids will be in school.  And I will be at home.  On days that my hubby works that means I’ll be home alone.

I wonder what that’s like.

I’m actually leaning towards returning to school myself.  It’s kind of scary since I’ve been out of school for so long.  The only thing holding me back at this point is financing.  School is expensive!  Who knew??  I don’t want a school loan so that means I need to find scholarships, grants and a big savings account!  I guess there’s also that pesky decision of picking a major…

I’m getting ahead of myself.  I have two full months of summer vacation.  And three bored children.


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