Chickie to the Boy:  Your eyelashes are really long!

The Boy:  My eyelashes are so long I can paint the wall with them.


I don’t know that anyone will notice his eyelashes any more.  They’ll be too distracted by his new bling…

Yes, that’s right.  He got his ear pierced – which he paid for with his own money that he’d saved up.  He has really gotten into wearing jewelry.  What you don’t see in this picture is a glow-in-the-dark bracelet on his ankle, two bracelets – one out of yarn and another manly plastic one, and his javelina tooth necklace.  He’s picky about his clothes and is already complaining that his hair is too long.  It just been so entertaining seeing him come into his own, to see his likes and dislikes, which trends he follows and which ones he starts.  Lately he’s been talking about starting up his own business – maybe picking up dog poop except that it utterly grosses him out so maybe not.  He cracks me up and I love him so much!  He’s my little man.


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