Wave 3

Tonight was a blast!  For once I wasn’t running around at the last minute trying to get supplies for a classroom or fix a broken computer.  Whew! 

During recreation we had the 50ft slip’n’slide set up and the kids had so much fun!  I’d love to post some of the awesome pics I snapped but since they aren’t my kids I won’t be doing that (well, except for one picture – shhh don’t tell).  I do have pics of my own crew to post though…..

This picture cracks me up because we’re all supposed to be praying but you always have that one kid that just has to look around.

I love these slip’n’slide pictures of my kiddos.  First up is Beans…  Her style is to run and slide on her knees.

The kids did a relay race with a leaking cup…. The Boy got a wee bit wet…

His style is full on belly…  Just try to stay on the slide dude.

And these.  Oh, these are my absolute favorite pictures.

My Chickie…


4 responses to “Wave 3

  • Alyssa

    Yeah, those kids look really bummed….

    I miss you guys!!!!

  • littletiger

    Oh – those are awesome pictures – boy that looks like so much fun = it’s great to see the kiddos again … even if it’s only through photos!

  • Rachel

    I wish I had been there for that!!
    I’m aching seeing how much fun I missed out on!!
    Tell us you got to slide on it too!
    Tell us someone got a pic of that!!
    Thank you for the pictures. your kids are beautiful!

  • Kat

    The pictures are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing them! Looks like so much fun. Isn’t it wonderful to live vicariously through them? Such joy and laughter in their eyes. 🙂

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