Wave 2 and dead people

Whew!  Day 2 of VBS is over!  The kids were challenged last night to bring 10 friends tonight and if they did…. our Youth Guy would get dunked in an icey baptismal.  We started the opening ceremony with 9 friends and the kids were bummed but during the video we had a 10th show up!  Splish-splash!!  It was great.  Now the deal is if they bring 10 new friends tomorrow our Pastor will get dunked AND he has to sing the theme song while he’s doing it.

I’ve heard some rumblings among the kids that I should be next in line…….



Today as the kids and I were running errands we passed a local cemetery.  We’ve passed it quite often recently and Beans has become fascinated with the “dead people” as she calls it.  Here’s today’s conversation:
Beans:  Look guys!  Look at all the dead people!  There are tons!
Chickie:  Yeah, it’s the cemetery.
Beans:  Why are they all dead?
Me:  Because you don’t bury people alive.
Beans:  How do they get in there?  Do they dig a hole?
Me:  Yes.
Beans:  When I’m dead how will I dig with a shovel?!
Me:  You don’t dig the hole, other people will do it for you.
Beans:  Oh.  I want to go in the hole now.


4 responses to “Wave 2 and dead people

  • Rachel

    How old is she again?
    My 4 and 6 year old are starting to learn big concepts like that too. We just talked about war and they just asked a bunch of questions about the flooding in Iowa.

  • littletiger

    Andi – She’s amazing – the ideas and thoughts that come from that little girl are just astounding! I have to admit I love to read your blogs about Beans! Give her and all the kiddos my love!

  • Kat

    Yeah for random torturings of youth leaders! Wait… did I say that?! Uh oh. hahaha Sounds like so much fun!!!

    I love Beans “dead people” thoughts. Isn’t it funny how their minds work? She cracks me up!! I remember some doozie of things that mine came up with at that age. Oh… nevermind… it was last week. 😉

  • Dan

    Come to think of it — why didn’t I question the whole concept of dead people more?

    I love the comment that “there’s tons of em!” — there really are! I don’t know that I noticed before.

    And your answer, “Because they don’t bury people alive” … priceless.

    But apparently you don’t know about my cousin Tony …

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