Death to hackers!

If you’re smart enough to write malicious software then GO GET A JOB that helps out humanity.  When hackers are caught they should be forced to do hard, manual labor… like whatever the dirtiest job is that Mike Rowe has had to do.  And they should have to do it with one hand while blindfolded and taunted by victims of their abuse.  Yes.  That would be a good start.

Bitter much?  No, not me.  I was merely digitally scrapbooking when I decided that I need a good quote about love to add to my project.  I googled “love poems” and a site called poetry (dot) come came back with some good bits.  I was doomed the moment I clicked over.  BAM! BAM! BAM AGAIN!  I instantly had trojans all over my computer despite my anti-virus protection software.  The trojans hijacked my screensaver, my desktop, my desktop properties and a number of other annoying things. 

It took two additional anti-virus products to find everything.  Plus I found two excellent step-by-step sites that walked me through finding and removing the last of it myself.  After two days of hair pulling and cursing I finally have my smiling babies back on my desktop and no more crawling black bugs and blue screen announcing “You have a virus!  Install an anti-virus program now!”

It really upset me how easily these three trojans slipped in.  I am very careful about not downloading anything from random sites.  I don’t visit sketchy sites and I made sure I had (what I thought was adequate) protection software. 

I had no idea that poetry could be so dangerous.  No wonder why I’m not a huge fan!


7 responses to “Death to hackers!

  • littletiger

    Hey, Its littletiger’s hubby.

    Are you using internet explorer for you browser? If you are, I would recommend using Firefox. That is what we use here. If you have any questions, give us a call.

  • Rachel

    Oh no! You’re right..the people who create those viruses are missing their calling. They could so be a benefit to the computer world and make lots of money too.
    I’m sorry it happened to you.

  • Matthew

    Switch to Firefox RIGHT NOW… come to think of it, switch to a Mac RIGHT NOW… or Linux… or anything NOT MICRO$OFT!!!

    Sorry, what was I doing… how did I get here… it’s all so fuzzy… oh no, did I turn green and run amok again?

  • jaime

    amen to the mac! that totally sucks friend!

  • Dave Crosier

    Andi…I feel your pain!!! One of our speciality program providers at work was attacked…and then passed the little critters onto my computer…ARRGG!!! It took two trips to the repair shop to get it back to normal!

  • Kat

    Hackers stink!! I so feel your pain. We have had that happen soooo many times, but not for a long time. (Praise God!) I agree with others, that Firefox would be a big help to the trouble. It catches so much more! Sorry for your troubles. They’re nothing but big jerkasaurasus!!

  • sashwhy

    Oh, that’s so sad! What a pain that is. I didn’t realize you could get a virus so innocently! Glad you got that all figured out. Thanks for the heads up. I use Firefox, so hopefully that helps!

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