No softball for you!

Anybody that knows Chickie knows that she’s not the most graceful child.  I’ll just come right out and say it.  She’s a klutz.  She walks into walls, trips over air, falls off her chair and we don’t dare expect her to catch anything thrown in her direction.  Some of it is just the general awkwardness of her age but a lot of it is just her.  We’ve accepted this.  She’s accepted this.

Turns out that there’s a reason for her klutziness.  The poor girl has hardly any depth perception.  She’s walking through life like Timmy Turner while the rest of us are in Jimmy Neutron’s world.  This afternoon she had an eye doctor appointment to check on her wandering eye (it’s not called a lazy eye unless it’s permanent) and to check out the blurry eyesight she’s been complaining about.  Her pediatrician said everything was fine but mother’s instinct said to get it checked out.  I’m glad I did!  The depth perception contributes to the confusion her eyes have when trying to switch from the blackboard to her book and back again.  She also still has a touch of far-sightedness.  In 10-12 business she’ll be getting her new glasses.  It won’t help her depth perception but at least she’ll be able to see what she’s about to walk into!


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