Coming up for air

Life has been so busy as of late.  Between the car accident and related doctor’s appointments and preparing for Vacation Bible School there’s not time for much else. 

I’m still experiencing pain from the accident.  The chiropractor and my bottle of ibuprophen are helping quite a bit.  The hubby has some back issues from the accident as well.  I’m taking Beans in tomorrow to have her checked out – just in case.  Finally got word on the Suburban.  The estimate is $4800 worth of damage.  The insurance adjuster agreed and gave the go-ahead to start repairs.  Not sure how long that’s going to take.  We did hear that they needed to order a few parts and there will be painting involved so I’m figuring at least a week.  I’m getting spoiled driving the 4Runner but it will be nice having the ‘burb back – especially so we can separate the kids in the back!!

This is the last week of school for The Boy and Chickie.  Sounds like they aren’t doing much of anything in class.  They’ve both had pizza parties, movie days, picnics and game days.  Beans will be happy to have them home during the day to play with her.  I’m just not looking forward to the bickering.  I need to have a plan to keep myself from going crazy.  It’s going to be a busy summer.  We’re hoping that we can squeeze in a mid-week run to the beach before the summer is over.

Maybe some of my AZ friends would like to come kidnap me and whisk me off to the beach 😉


3 responses to “Coming up for air

  • littletiger

    We’d all love to come kidnap you and go to the beach – just a bit of a distance to get to you. I hope you all feel better – sorry to hear that Alan’s hurting – hope the chiro is able to help you all feel better. Let us know if Beans is okay too please. Love ya!

  • jaime

    you know i wish i could! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!

  • Kat

    We’ve been busy too. Seems like we always think as we move from one phase into the next, that there will be more time in the next phase. Funny, after so many years, you would think I would realize that is not going to be true. On bunny trail, I always find it funny how much time is wasted at the end of school. The kids have to be there… but there really isn’t much going on.

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