Today we’re hosting a luau at our church.  We sent fliers home with the three local elementary schools telling them about the 12ft tall waterslide and the extra long slip’n’slide.  The buzz I’ve heard has been great!  I’m really hoping for a big turn out. 

We were supposed to the have waterslide for two hours but the delivery guy called and asked if he could drop it off 2 1/2 hours EARLY.  Um, ok!  Woo-hoo!  Since the invites to the community had already gone out I couldn’t change the start time of our luau.  Instead, I let all of my volunteers know that they were welcome to come early and enjoy the slide without the (hopefully) long lines later. 

The only downside to this whole event is that I am unable to participate.  My neck and shoulders still hurt and I don’t think that going down a waterslide is on my recovery program.  I’m bummed.  At least we own the extra long slip’n’slide and we can pull it out again later this summer.

Time to go slather on the SPF and suit up the kids. 


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