Monthly Archives: June 2008

Soon and very soon

As I type this a vehicle full of friends is starting the trek across the country.  Their final destination is New York but there will be a layover HERE!!  This will be the first of many (I hope) friends to come visit us in our new home. 

I am praying for their safety and their sanity as they start out today – three of the five are young children.  Hopefully it will be a fun trip and they will have the opportunity to see fun and beautiful things along the way. 


Not a single flying cow

We had about 10 minutes of very heavy downpour and strongish winds.  Lots of rumbling thunder and lightening too.  And then it was over.   Just like that.

It’s been raining a little bit every afternoon.  It blows in quickly, dumps, and then moves on.  I still enjoy experiencing rain – especially since it isn’t all day long.  The only downside is the muddy yard and cooped up kids.  We have friends coming from AZ next week and I’m hoping that the rain will take a break while they’re here.   

Hang on tight, here we go…..

There’s a storm quickly approaching Roanoke… 70mph winds and hail.  We’ve already lost power once, it’s just a matter of time before it goes again. 

Here we go….


Chickie to the Boy:  Your eyelashes are really long!

The Boy:  My eyelashes are so long I can paint the wall with them.


I don’t know that anyone will notice his eyelashes any more.  They’ll be too distracted by his new bling…

Yes, that’s right.  He got his ear pierced – which he paid for with his own money that he’d saved up.  He has really gotten into wearing jewelry.  What you don’t see in this picture is a glow-in-the-dark bracelet on his ankle, two bracelets – one out of yarn and another manly plastic one, and his javelina tooth necklace.  He’s picky about his clothes and is already complaining that his hair is too long.  It just been so entertaining seeing him come into his own, to see his likes and dislikes, which trends he follows and which ones he starts.  Lately he’s been talking about starting up his own business – maybe picking up dog poop except that it utterly grosses him out so maybe not.  He cracks me up and I love him so much!  He’s my little man.

Wave 5 and dry as a bone…

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!!!!  I am wiped out but it has been a really good week!  The kids had a lot of fun and learned so much.  Our teachers were awesome!  I can hardly wait to see all the kids get up on the stage and sing on Sunday. 

And the best part of the week?? 

We had THREE kids accept Christ as their Savior – woot, woot!!!

Wave 4

Tonight felt slow… I think we’ve hit that slump where the kids are all getting tired and the volunteers need that extra boost to make it through to the end!

The kids only need to bring a combined total of THREE friends tomorrow night and our Pastor has agreed to be dunked in the icy cold baptismal.  They’re working hard on swaying me to get dunked if we get FIVE.  If it happens there will be pictoral evidence for y’all.

Sorry for the short update but I’m one of those exhausted volunteers tonight.

Wave 3

Tonight was a blast!  For once I wasn’t running around at the last minute trying to get supplies for a classroom or fix a broken computer.  Whew! 

During recreation we had the 50ft slip’n’slide set up and the kids had so much fun!  I’d love to post some of the awesome pics I snapped but since they aren’t my kids I won’t be doing that (well, except for one picture – shhh don’t tell).  I do have pics of my own crew to post though…..

This picture cracks me up because we’re all supposed to be praying but you always have that one kid that just has to look around.

I love these slip’n’slide pictures of my kiddos.  First up is Beans…  Her style is to run and slide on her knees.

The kids did a relay race with a leaking cup…. The Boy got a wee bit wet…

His style is full on belly…  Just try to stay on the slide dude.

And these.  Oh, these are my absolute favorite pictures.

My Chickie…