Oh! And this happened too

Chickie and The Boy have been in a competition with each other. They both have a loose tooth and each were determined to lose their tooth first.

The winner…..

The Boy!!!  He was jumping on the trampoline when he fell and landed on his tooth.  (Who does that by the way?!)  He came in the house with tears running down his cheeks and blood smeared on his mouth but proudly holding his tooth! 

Thought I’d also share a quick update on the puppies.  They’re now about 4 1/2 months old.  We took them to the vet this week.  Mini is 60.2lbs and Max is 71lbs.  Yes.  SEVENTY-ONE. 

Like all large breed dogs he thinks he’s a lap dog.

Lately he’s taken to sitting on the kids.  They like to lay on the floor when we watch movies – which he thinks is an open invitation to sit on them.  He sat on Beans and when I pulled him off he promptly walked over to Chickie and sat on her.  I would’ve taken a picture but I was afraid he’d squish them before I could snap the pic.


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