Here's your sign.

I heard the most insane story today.  After thinking about it for a bit it actually made me kind of mad.  It’s one thing to pay for your own stupid mistakes but to pay (literally pay) for another’s mistakes??

My hubby works for a large, national home improvement chain.  During lunch today he informed me that a $200 drill was stolen from the store – right in front of everyone and no one could do a thing about it.  A man walked in, picked up the drill from the shelf (with the security webbing still attached) and walked out the front door.  He then crossed the parking lot and passed it to another man.  The 2nd man walked to a neighboring parking lot and passed it to a 3rd man sitting in a white pick up truck who then left with the drill. 

This was done in broad daylight – right in front of several store employees.  The deal?  The employees are NOT allowed to stop anyone from stealing anything from the store.  They can lose their job and face a lawsuit.  Only the Loss Prevention Specialist is allowed to stop anyone from stealing.  There’s only ONE LPS in the area and he covers three different stores.  He just happened to be at this store today with a trainee but was in the breakroom on lunch. 

The ridiculousness continues.

The details of the theft are only known because one of the employees dared to follow the thieves – which could cost him his job.

Not done yet with the ridiculousness.

The Department Head of tools will now be written up for having had a theft in his department.  A theft  which he is not allowed to stop.  The most he is allowed to do is apply the appropriate security measures – in this case it was the security webbing.

Why do I bother paying for anything at this store when I could just walk out the door with it?!  In fact…  in Phoenix the employees were told that they HAD to help any customer load product into their car – EVEN if they knew it was stolen product.

No wonder why theft is on the rise.  It pays off.  And who is paying for it?  The honest consumers.  I’ll be thinking about that the next time I have to make a purchase at the store.  The cost of my item includes a mark up to pay for loss that the store incurs.  I’m left paying for their poor choices.


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