Heaven on earth

Some of you out there know my hubby.  If he had to pick one food to eat for the rest of his life what would he pick?  Ok, after the salad… then what?  Yes.  Sandwiches.  When we’re loaded up on fixins his sandwiches resemble a Dagwood special. 

Today, after church, our youth guy and his very-soon-to-be bride asked us out to lunch.  They wanted to introduce us to Macado’s.  Did you hear that?  You should’ve heard a glorious “Aaaaaaaaaah” and possibly some harp music.  Let’s try again.  Macado’s.  (btw it’s Mack-ah-Dew’s)  Their menu is 95% sandwiches.  It folds out four times and it’s double sided.  There are easily 25 sandwiches on the menu.  And that doesn’t include the make-your-own option.  I finally had to stop looking and just pick one.  My hubby, on the other hand, had to read through everything a couple of times and then came the hard part…. picking just one. 

The food was great and so were the prices!  Taking a family of five out to eat can be pricey – especially when the kids’ meals can be $5 (or more) a pop.  The most expensive kids’ meal was $3.15 all the way down to $1.49 for a PBJ sandwich.  We made sure to note that Tuesday’s is kids’ night.  Hmmm, the hubby is off this Tuesday too…

I’m sorry to report that Macado’s (Aaaaaaaaah) are only located in VA, NC and WV.  I guess y’all will just have to come out and visit!


3 responses to “Heaven on earth

  • Dan

    Ummm … pictures please. 😉

  • kungfuchicken

    I wish I would’ve thought to take pictures. If we go this Tuesday I’ll be sure to bring my camera!

  • zanne

    when (notice that word, btw. it’s not IF, it’s WHEN) you come visit us, i’ll take you to eduardo’s. sounds like it should be a mexican place, but it’s not. fresh ‘home’-baked bread, sliced thick, great meat, cheese, freshly sliced avocados… oh my my. david & i enjoy eating lunch there during work…

    so when are you coming out?? 😉

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