21!!! 21!!! 21!!!

Today is a testament to God’s healing and grace.  Less than three years ago my niece was diagnosed with subcutaneous panniculitus t-cell lymphoma.  All the odds were against her.  It’s a rare cancer – less than 50 cases in the United States.  Most documented cases were elderly people and most of them died.  The doctors decided on an aggresive treatment plan and she began chemo and then radiation.  It’s been more than a year since her last treatment and the check-ups, every three months, have continued to declare her cancer free.

She’s working hard to move past that time in her life.  She studies hard in school to catch up on the semesters she lost while sick.  After moving past her fear of hospitals she’s once again working toward a medical degree.  She spent a lot of time working with the Lymphoma Society of Phoenix – writing articles for their newsletter and talking with other, young women going through the battle with lymphoma.  She’s lost friends and had to struggle with the grief. 

Today it’s hard not to think of that battle in her life.  Especially when, at that time, we didn’t know if today would ever come for her.  Today is her 21st birthday!  It’s a time to celebrate, not only this traditional milestone, but her life! 

Happy Birthday Chicken!!  I love you!!
 (sisters; Nikki, Alicia)



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