Biggest Fear

My biggest fear as a parent is to have my children hurt or to have them taken from me.  We set up precautions from the moment we know of their life.  We eat healthy, take prenatals, avoid all the no-no’s.  Then they’re born and we remember to put them on their back to sleep and to tuck up all dangling cords.  When they discover their mobility we lock cabinets, block stairways and plug up outlets.  We teach them to put on their seatbelt, to avoid ‘stranger danger’, to wear a helmet.  They get regular check-ups and immunizations, medicine when they’re ill. 

But what do you do when there’s something you can’t fix?  Something out of your control?  Something that might not even allow you to hold your child for very long?

That story starts here.


One response to “Biggest Fear

  • jaime

    way to make me cry…good grief! what an amazing story and an amazing place they’re in. i don’t know where i’d be given those circumstances…

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